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I was in the midst of some of the biggest life decisions and changes in my life; I felt so overwhelmed, facing new responsibilities and fears while trying to create stability for my children as well in other areas of my life. I went to Radhikaa with my life in a complete uproar! She was compassionate and understanding. Her patience and guidance helped me focus on my true priorities and gave me a sense of clarity and peace. She taught me how to see the calm midst the storm which enabled me to find my strength that I never knew was there. I highly recommend seeking her counsel, wisdom and guidance no matter what storm you're facing.

~ Kim Cooper

Through the Eyes of a Life Coach

As your Certified Life Coach, I work with you to develop a clear plan. To help you have a “helicopter vision,” which allows you to view things from afar. My goal is to shed new light on tough situations and act as a sounding board in making life’s most difficult decisions. My style of coaching involves many factors.

Why Turn to a Life Coach?


In reality, most life coaches get three calls every month. They are scheduled regularly so you get more things done than if you are on your own. It’s like spending time in the gym; you actually work harder with a personal trainer than when you are by yourself. You are able to think better, set bigger goals and make informed decisions.


Instead of browbeating, a well-trained life coach will keep you naturally motivated. With a weekly call, you have time to use fresh methods of thinking and work on your goals on a regular basis. Typically, a coaching call takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.


With the help of a trained and accredited life coach, you will be able to set the right goals, earn more and devise a plan for your personal and professional life. Believe that you can achieve greater things with less effort.


As many people can attest, changes begin to happen quickly after hiring a life coach. By taking action, you reap the benefits.

Life Coaching Is for Everyone

If you feel that there is a gap between your current situation and your goal, you need my service. I will help widen your horizons while challenging you to aim higher in life. Be my partner and let us work on:

  • Setting and Attaining Your Goals

  • Planning for and Balancing Your Life and Career

  • Working through Your Fears

  • Clearing Any Clutter

  • Gaining Financial Independence and Security

  • Making Critical Decisions and Devising Strategies for Success

  • Communicating Concisely and Powerfully

  • Establishing Strong Relationships

  • Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

  • Getting That Promotion and Living the Life You Want

  • Finding the Right Partner and Career

  • Making a Crucial Transition in Life

  • Starting and Growing a Business

  • Discovering Your Core Values in Passion in Life

  • Fulfilling Your Personal and Emotional Needs

  • Getting Organized

  • Earning More Money

  • Having Enough Time for Adventures so You Enjoy Life

How Is this Different from Other Related Fields?


Life coaching is a form of consulting. Unlike a consultant however, a life coach may or may not be an expert in a particular field. One thing is for sure though: a life specialist like me will help develop all areas not just of your business but also your personal life. A consultant will propose a solution but will leave the implementation to you. I, on the other hand, will guide you every step of the way until you achieve your goals.

Sports Coaching

Often, life coaching involves different principles from sports coaching. You can expect me to bring out the best in you, help you work in a team and go for your goal. Life coaching, however, is not about competition. It’s about winning in your own life!


Let’s get things straight—life coaching is not therapy. I don’t dwell on traumas or issues of the past. If you have undergone life coaching but past issues remain unresolved, then you may need therapy. As a life coach, I focus on your present and future. I want you to move forward and set goals so you can have the life you always wanted. Let me spark that big change in your life.

Having a Best Friend Vs Having A Life Coach

A best friend is always a good help. But at this point, you need a professional who is objective and can give you pieces of advice on the important aspects of your life, career, or business. You can count on me to tell you the truth no matter how great or awful it may be.

My Philosophy

There is room for coaching in your life. You don’t have to go through all the struggles on your own as I am here to help you get what you want out of life in a fraction of the time. As the International Coach Federation (ICF) puts it, people hire a life coach because they want more, they want to grow and they want it easier. Life coaching allows you to:

  • Take Focused, Effective Actions Immediately

  • Stop Putting up with Petty Annoyances

  • Create Momentum to Get Results Easier

  • Set Higher Goals Based on Your Interests

  • Enjoy More Time and Energy

The Popularity of Life Coaching

It is good to see that people are starting to realize their purpose in life. You need life coaching if you can’t see this purpose or if you have to reorient your life around it. In addition, people realize that seemingly unreachable goals can be attained easily. Together we can turn your ideas into reality.

Bringing out the Best in You

Keep in mind that you are always responsible for your own life. You make decisions and take actions. My job is to support and encourage you. At times, I will challenge you to think differently or suggest a different approach but it’s up to you to take my advice. If for any reason you feel bad after a call, let me know. But let me just say too that there is no way I cannot boost your confidence.

Time Frame

It is best that you work with a life coach for three months. However, if you are like most people and you realize that coaching is more beneficial than you thought, then you can stay committed for an additional 3 to 6 months.

No Fixed Term

For as long as my style is working for you, you can hire me as long as you want. I will never lock you into a fixed term for my services. This may not be the case for corporate contracts negotiated on a case-by-case basis. I will be happy whether or not you continue working with me after accomplishing your initial goals.

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