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Customer Testimonials

LIFE COACHING                                                                                                                                                                                          Read More Life Coaching Testimonials...

I was in the midst of some of the biggest life decisions and changes in my life; I felt so overwhelmed, facing new responsibilities and fears while trying to create stability for my children as well in other areas of my life. I went to Radhikaa with my life in a complete uproar! She was compassionate and understanding. Her patience and guidance helped me focus on my true priorities and gave me a sense of clarity and peace. She taught me how to see the calm midst the storm which enabled me to find my strength that I never knew was there.

I highly recommend seeking her counsel, wisdom and guidance no matter what storm you're facing.

~ Kim Cooper, Associate Director, HR

PALMISTRY                                                                                                                                                                                                            Read More Palmistry Testimonials...

How we met Radhikaa was a sweet coincidence. A friend going through some dire situations talked about Radhika and that she had felt comfortable with her. My husband and I were really fascinated by the discussion and by the study of numerology and thought we’d go see her at some point. We then forgot all about it. A couple years in after that not sure who made the appointment but we decided to go see Radhikaa.

She stunned us with her accurate reading of each of our personalities, our relationships as a couple and many more things. We enjoyed talking to Radhikaa, we were impressed with her skills and accuracy, and the ease at which we could talk to her was just amazing. She gives you time and space to think and speak your mind she could absolutely make a great life coach. I have been since texting her every now and then to just get some general guidance on information such as selecting the right property number, property direction per Vaastu, and having the right date for the interviews to be successful and it has all turned out pretty accurate.

Highly knowledgeable in her area of numerology, astrology, vaastu. She’s a great life coach with honest feedback with kindness.. five stars and thumbs up for Radhikaa.!

~Krupali B., IT Professional

VASTU SHASTRA                                                                                                                                                                             Read More Vastu/Feng-Shui Testimonials...

I met Radhika at a time when I felt that “there is something missing” in my otherwise lovely life. I could not put my finger on what is was, so I made an appointment with her. On our first meeting, she examined my palms and my numbers, then she looked at me and told me what was bothering me (my spiritual practice). I knew right away that she was right on target, and the tears started falling. I knew I was talking to someone who truly understood what my soul was longing for. Our conversation lifted a burden that I did not even know I was carrying. It was a blessed moment. She compassionately guided me towards some options I could make and she even personally offered to get me in touch with people who shared my values.

I asked her to look into the Vastu of our home and it was an enlightening experience as well as an enjoyable one. She is very generous with helpful information and is always willing to answer all my questions. Our house felt more “settled” as I made the changes she recommended.

From my experience, I can say that by consulting with Radhika, I did not only have good counsel, I also gained a beautiful friend, a special blessing.

I want you to know that she WILL respond promptly. If she does not, then it very possible that she did not get your message and DO make the effort to contact her again. It will be worth the effort.

~ Maria Gilda, Home Maker

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