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Radhikaa has always given great advice while allowing me to make my own decisions but what is great is that the decisions I have made after speaking with Radhikaa were informed decisions as my readings have been personalized for me based on my own palm readings and numbers. This has been of great benefit to me and can also be of great benefit to you and anyone else considering their own readings with Radhikaa! She is positive, encouraging, and in times of uncertainty a ray of hope! She is a great life coach and I strongly recommend her to anyone!

~Neha Patel

Palmistry in a Nutshell

Palmistry is a Science, a detailed study of the human palm with an approximate 80%-100% accuracy rate. It is a unique technique wherein every little sign, symbol or line on your hand is significant; every mount, shape and texture has a story to tell. Through generations this Science has been practiced by my forefathers, including my grandfather Late Prof. Ghanshyam Joshi and my mother Mrs. Kalpana Jani. Palmistry is completely based upon Scientific facts and truths. 

Uniqueness of Handprints

Palmistry is founded on the idea that all people have different handprints. No two hands are ever the same. Your palm holds information about your past, present and future and you travel around with this wealth of information in you. 

Role of a Palmist

Like a doctor who diagnoses symptoms of ailments and prescribes medicine, a Palmist reads every sign and helps you find solutions to life’s problems. My role is to offer myself as your guide to a better life.


In numerology, numbers and letters join forces. Numbers are the universal means of communication and understanding. While languages differ from one culture to another, the meaning and spelling of words are no accident. Every letter is associated with a number, which carries its own distinct personality. Without speaking, the numbers convey a deep message. They are associated with the planets that rule us. For example, if you are focused, then your Sun is strong. If you are calm and patient, that means your Moon is more prevalent.

Beyond Fortune Telling

Palmistry is not fortune telling, it is a Science. It is more of guidance and personality assessment. I determine and understand your emotional tendencies, social attitudes, your strengths and blockages, as well as conscious awareness and subconscious fears in great detail.

Changes in Lines

The lines in your hand reflect your thoughts. They aren’t carved in stone— they will reflect any change in your attitudes and behavioral patterns. Simply put, these lines physically change along with your thinking. You can see these changes in as little as three to six months.

Hands to Read

When reading, I look at both hands. Your strong hand, in combination with your weak hand, shows where you have been (passive) and where you are likely headed (active) in your life. However, I normally read the left palm for women because they think more emotionally (right side of the brain), as opposed to the right palm (logical thinking.)


Calculations are based on your first and last name and birthdate. The numbers represent your characteristics, and they usually match with your palms.

Combining Palmistry and Numerology

It is natural to combine the two sciences. They have, in fact, helped me alert my clients of things to come. In my silence, I wonder what might have happened to a client with a certain problem, to a single mom trying support her children, or to a gentleman who is unhappy with his relationship. This is why I am constantly looking for ways to empower people who are in dire need of my help.

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