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Vastu/Feng-Shui Testimonials

Radhika is awesome. She is genuine and has a very peaceful vibe about her. I felt at ease the moment I met her and knew I had come to the right place. Her knowledge on palmistry and Vaastu is extraordinary. I wish her the best.

~ Mina K, Business Entrepreneur 

"My husband and I were considering buying a house in the US. Generally we are quite specific about the house being vastu compliant and have been particular about it in the properties we own in India. However, this being a foreign land it was a bit unnerving for us to jump into such a big decision without looking at the vastu aspects as we believe it certainly has an impact on our lives. I found Radhika's website while searching online for a vastu expert in Columbus. Initially I was a little apprehensive but after one conversation with her it became clear that she really knows her stuff! She helped us identify a suitable plot and house plan and after construction we consulted her again to have everything cross-checked. We are very happy with the advice she provided and following it has brought good luck to us so far (touchwood!!). 

Radhika is a very friendly person and speaking with her makes it clear that she genuinely has our benefits in mind. All her advice is practical and she is open and honest with her answers when we have queries. Moreover, she is always approachable and has often answered my queries even beyond the official consult. I will gladly recommend Radhika to anyone seeking expert advice on vastu in the Columbus area"

~Hansa Iyengar, IT Professional

I have known Radhikaa for many years. Her predictions and coaching helped me in taking better decisions in my business and career.

When we build our new house, Radhikaa guided us in the Vastu design. She helped us from lot selection, to laying out each and every room. Even our builder learned a lot about Vastu. In Radhikaa, I found a life long friend and mentor.

~ Chandraish Sinha, Teaching Business

We used Radhika's advice for our Vastu consultation. And we have found extreme peace after our consultation. We used her guidance and advise and has brought us much peace after we took her advice into consideration. She has been a positive impact in our lives.

~ Ranjan Patel, Motel Business Owner

Radhika has immense knowledge on Vastu Shastra. Her dedicated and continuous guidance helped us build a wonderful custom home. She was always readily available when I needed her advice. Thank you Radhika for your valuable services.Wishing you all success and best wishes!

~ S Gandhi, Rph 

Radhikaa, I want to thank you for your time and Vastu guidance which proved very valuable to us. The changes that you recommended when done have actually brought about a much needed positive energy in the house. I want to also let you know that things have been moving up and up on the financial front as well."

~ Mona J, IT Professional 

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