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Life Coaching Testimonials

Garima Part 1...

"I am glad to have come in contact with Radhikaa. While I did look for the solace and hope, and guidance the practice offers, I also wanted it , almost in contradiction, to be open ended and 'free-will' like. And so I am glad to have met Radhikaa. She gave me specific answers where I needed them and with sincerity and kindness told me where it was I needed help and had to look to find my elusive motivations. She is warm and direct, precise and patient, in equal parts an honest guide, a tenacious teacher and a philosophizing friend. That her predictions are so correct only builds upon her trustworthiness and proficiency. I am subscribed for a long time to come."

~ Garima Dixit, Homemaker

Garima Part 2...

I had written Radhika a testimonial in 2016, and in the years since, I have really known the ebbs and the flows like never before!

For nearly 10 years I had been desperately trying to move on from the spot i had fixed myself in. And when I had met Radhikaa, she knew it instantly about my struggles. I would seek her help to loosen my feet from the ground but I was still waiting to take off. A large part of it was getting into the workforce. I had all the support, the motivation and in later years, even desperation to get started, but somehow nothing would materialize. I had been in a waiting game for a decade and it was driving me crazy.

Eventually , last year, we welcomed our daughter. I kept in contact with Radhikaa, keeping her advices in mind, to start anew. Things looked promising again but finally this September I called her when I was at the end of my tether. Ready to give up. I decided to enroll in a course to jumpstart my career since 10 years of being a homemaker and having no resume was a great deterrent to starting in any way, as I got to know. I called her that I had been accepted into an academic program and had to commit to it soon to book my seat. I called her on September 21st (she had told me that September was going to be good , but I had to keep trying till the end of the month) When I told her what I intended to do, she was insistent about waiting September out, and like always , I listened to her .

Come September 27th, I received a call from a small local software company I didn't even remember applying to. We spoke for 20 minutes and at the outset they told me they liked me! A day later I was in their office for a 3 hour interview process, and 4 hours after coming home i received the offer letter! An IT job in a company close to home, so I didn’t have to spend hours commuting ,away from my precious little baby! A job that required enough time commitment that I could not enroll into that program! 

It took me a long time to get here, and Radhikaa kept me patient, focused and motivated through my worst. And it still feels incredible how accurate she was - down to the days! It was the one and only opportunity that came way in such a sure-shot fashion in all this time. I am thankful for this chance in life and will strive to make the best of it. And I will keep seeking Radhikaa's advice to help with all my goals, ensured that she would get the best out of me every time. Thanks Radhikaa!

~ Garima Dixit, IT Professional

I will admit to have been a skeptic. However, after meeting Radhika, I have been converted. Her calm nature prepares you for the good as well as the bad. Whether it is direction or purpose in life, please reach out to Radhika because your outlook on the future will truly transform. Her positivity is something you will gravitate towards and it will force you to move forward in the same manner. Radhika has helped me with overall focus, clarity and motivation in life and I will forever be thankful.

~Supriya, Student

With my children growing up fast they did not need me as much as before and with lot of time on hand and a dream in my open eyes. Radhika helped me to see my dream as a clear vision helping me giving me confidence at every step to reach the position I always wanted to. I am extremely grateful to her for all the right advice and guidance which has helped me a lot in realizing my dream project for which I shall be always indebted to her.

~Madhavi Mehta, Business Entrepreneur

Having Radhika Mehta as my life coach is so refreshing and insightful. She has helped me in my worst time and stayed so positive and helpful that I was able to go thru my most difficult phase with ease. She is patient and focused on how to go thru different phases of my journey. The advise and step by step process she provides was so well on that I was able to follow and get great results. I will continue to use Radhika as my life coach and Vastu needs.

~Pallavi Jain, IT Business Analyst

I was in the midst of some of the biggest life decisions and changes in my life; I felt so overwhelmed, facing new responsibilities and fears while trying to create stability for my children as well in other areas of my life. I went to Radhikaa with my life in a complete uproar! She was compassionate and understanding. Her patience and guidance helped me focus on my true priorities and gave me a sense of clarity and peace. She taught me how to see the calm midst the storm which enabled me to find my strength that I never knew was there.

I highly recommend seeking her counsel, wisdom and guidance no matter what storm you're facing.

~ Kim Cooper, Associate Director, HR

Radhika is very thorough and compassionate in the work she does. My experience working with her was refreshing and beneficial. She is incredibly patient, listens genuinely and most importantly she cares. I highly recommend her!

~Pallavi K, IT Professional

"Radhikaa is one of the most centered, strong, humble and compassionate coaches you will ever meet. If you are able to work with her, you are so blessed as she can't help but to elevate you from wherever you are to where she knows you belong. She will support you in all of your dreams, so get ready to dream big!”

~ Kim Zalepa, Mechanical Engineer/Expert Math Tutor

"Radhikaa is an exceptional coach. You can expect deep, compassionate listening and an amazing ability to see right to the core of your situation. Radhikaa’s unique gifts, which span well beyond her coaching skills, offer her clients the utmost in professional life coaching and I urge anyone who is looking for a coach who can recognize your gifts and truly partner with you to call her immediately."

~ Jenny Paulin, Life Coach

"Radhikaa is insightful and cares about others fulfilling their dreams and goals. She is someone that will help you discover the depth of your thoughts and work with you to bring those dreams and ideas to life. She is down to earth and an exceptional coach!"

~ Deborah Ramsey, Coaching

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