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Palmistry Testimonials

I tend to be a bit skeptical if things related to Palmistry. But I was facing some challenges in my career and struggling to make decisions about the best course of action relating to job opportunities and relocation as this would impact me and my family pretty significantly. At the suggestion of others, I reached out to Radhika. She is so friendly and warm and could see the decisions I was struggling with clearly. She used her skills and gave me an idea of what she saw in her readings. She provided confirmation that the decision I was already leaning toward would be a good one. Her advice changed my outlook and allowed me to make my decisions with confidence!

~Bhakti Deppen, Medical Administrator

I first met Radhikaa a few years ago and have continued to go to her when in need of readings and personalized advise. During our first reading, she told me about an injury that I had from reading my palm without any prior knowledge about my history and any visible evidence upon meeting. She was also able to nail down my personality traits in our first meeting and correctly describe my strengths and weaknesses. She has performed numerology based matches for me and potential suitors in the past including that of my fiancé(now husband). She was able to tell me about their personalities (as much as she could based on their numbers without the palms) and was pretty accurate. When I met my husband to be, he was so easy to get along and I felt so comfortable with him (finally!!!) that he was the first match that I had not immediately turned to her to perform a reading. I waited until things were a little more serious and it turned out that he had the best numbers for me thus far! I couldn’t have found a better life partner for myself and our numbers also happened to correspond as well which was amazing and only increased my faith in Radhikaa’s ability to read palms and match numbers.

Radhikaa has always given great advice while allowing me to make my own decisions but what is great is that the decisions I have made after speaking with Radhikaa were informed decisions as my readings have been personalized for me based on my own palm readings and numbers. This has been of great benefit to me and can also be of great benefit to you and anyone else considering their own readings with Radhikaa! She is positive, encouraging, and in times of uncertainty a ray of hope! She is a great life coach and I strongly recommend her to anyone! Thanks for reading my testimonial and I wish you many great readings ahead :)!.

~Neha Patel, Clinical Pharmacist

"I have been consulting Radhika for about two years now, and she was recommended to me by a family member. I consult Radhika for her expertise in numerology and palm reading. She has given me advice on everything from personal growth, career, and also relationships. Her predictions are always very spot on, and are a helpful guide. I don't think anyone should consult Radhika as an end all be all, but instead as a guide and confirmation to things you have already thought about and prayed about. She is always professional, efficient, and willing to help. She is no longer just someone who provides great services, but a friend who is willing to give sound guidance. I recommend Radhika to anyone who needs a new perspective."

~Taruni Arora, Mortgage Banker

Radhikaa di, I want to thank you for your timeless help, support & guidance whenever needed. You are very intuitive and you have a gift of reaching to the roots of the issue. Your knowledge of palmistry is outstanding & commendable. I have always received your guidance through difficult situations which have helped me sail through it. You explain everything very precisely, clearly and in detail. This is a big positive thing about your consultation.

I would highly recommend Radhikaa Mehta as she not only guides but, also is a very good human being which is a rare combination. Thanks a lot!!

~Gurpreet K, Homemaker

I've consulted Radhika multiple times in the last couple of years for Palmistry and Numerology and her keen acumen has always guided me through life's challenges, both big and small. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs reassurance that, in the end, everything's going to be alright!

~ Veena Iyer, IT Professional

We and our close family members have met Radhika on several occasions to get her advise as a palmist/numerologist. Radhika starts the discussion by first telling you about your personality which I found was very accurate and that puts my faith in her work. She is a very sincere and respectful person who listens very patiently to all your questions. Her predictions/advices have been very helpful in making our choices regarding family and career. I would definitely visit her and seek her advice again.

~ Prashant Kansal, IT Professional

I was not a huge believer of palm reading and believed everything depends of our hard work and brain work. But there were circumstances or situation in life beyond control due to which I was so stressed and wanted to talk to someone about my past and future. I meet Radhika and when she started reading my palms I was amazed to hear from her about my past. She was so accurate in telling me thing of my past by reading my palm as if someone had told her my life story. There was something even I had not shared with anyone which she was able to tell me. She also told me about me sustaining an accident in June 2014 which happened. I was shocked and surprised how someone just by reading the palm can tell so many accurate things about a person. (On the lighter note I was thinking good my wife was not besides me or she could have insisted to read more and more about me.) On the serious note I was thinking wish I had meet her mother or grandfathers years ago they could have guided me in my career.Radhika guided and suggested about my career path and predicated about my future and health which I certainly believe would be true. She also suggested some gems. Radhika was absolutely amazing and very professional. I thank you million times Radhika…. I felt so relaxed and stress-free after meeting you.Radhika gifted me the autographed book authored by her mother “The Reflection of Destiny”. I could not wait and completed reading the book in 5 days. The book has wonderful facts that may bring tears in eyes….

~ Sanjog Adke, Investigation Head for Asia Pacific Region 

You and your family helped me since 1987!

First your Nanaji-Grandpa (Late Prof. Ghanshyam Joshi)...

In 1987 while I was in Africa and he told me that I am going to be a father against all odds when the doctors in India and Africa had said it was not possible! In no time we had a son and he is now a smart and intelligent 26 years old! At that time he said to me that I would be settling down in USA. After a few years I moved to the US and it was yet another prediction come true! At that time I was not in touch with him ...

In 2011 i was seriously sick and hospitalized. I tried all his old phone numbers but had no luck...

Then I searched the internet to get any information about him but no luck. While looking him up I came across another Palmist named Kalpana Jani. I was in desperate need of guidance so I called her and first time when I was talking to her and mentioned Ghanshyamji's name. a surprise awaited me, when she said "She is a daughter of Ghanshyamji!!!" It was a bittersweet experience case I learnt that Ghanshyamji had passed away but was really happy to have found a part of him in Kalpanaben. I was pleasantly surprised by the coincidence and the very same day she started helping me. Finally she got me in touch with her daughter Radhikaa who's is based here in the US... And that's you!

Radhikaaben, I believe it is God's miracle to have brought me to the mother and daughter for guidance and help. With your help I got out of my STORMY life along with my family, business and health intact. Your guidance was very accurate. Many times I lost hope and thought everything was over but you helped me out with very calm way like a family member would.

I remember calling Kalpanaben in India and you here at any give time without thinking of weather I would be disturbing you. Where can one find someone like both of you? When Kalpanaben gave me your contact information first time, she told me that you will be talking to my CARBON COPY! That's why we call Kalpanaben (BOSS) I am blessed that my God put me in touch with Real GEMS like you and Kalpanaben. From bottom of my heart, my family and I appreciate your help and guidance.

May God shower all his blessings on your's and Kalpanaben's family. Always indebted to God, Kalpanaben and you...

~ Manoj & Veena Patel, Gas Station and Motel business owners

Radhikaa's support and direction helped in making the right decision when two good opportunities in my career showed up. Her guidance installed confidence and courage to know that I am on the right path. Her confidentiality and knowledge has helped our family and she in the process became part of the family. Good wishes and success follows with her support.

~ Srinivas Ramachandran, Executive Chef

To be honest, when I first contacted Radhika I was just doing it because I was curious (along with skeptical) about palmistry. But after meeting her the first time, I knew there was some science to it because she hit the nail on the head when she told me about my personality and my past. Since then I have met her a couple of time to discuss my career prospects and so far they have been true. I am still in the waiting stages to see how things exactly work out for me. But I do have faith in her capabilities and her readings. She is professional, friendly and listens patiently to her clients concerns(sometimes I joke about her being a therapist as well!). She has become a friend!!

~ Nidhi Punja, IT Professional

I know Radhika Jani (now Mehta :-) as my classmate and the daughter of a world renowned palmist whom I used to consult long time back. In these last few years Radhika has grown into a well renowned palmist just like her mother. I say this due to my personal experience of getting my palm read by her. Her reading was right on the bulls eye. Whatever she has told me about my past is absolutely true and the insights she gave me about my future are accurate to the core. I wish her the best in future. People going through a rough phase in life can definitely seek her advise for clarity.

~ Ravi Mewani, Businessman

“I think like many, I was a little skeptical prior to my first visit with Radhika. I didn’t know what to honestly expect, but within the first 5 minutes I knew I had nothing to worry about at all. Within 5 minutes of meeting me, it was clear that she had a very good understanding of the type of person I am and the way I see the world in general. I think the real value of this is that most of the time people are only able to give you advice based on their perspective. It’s very rare to get honest advice from someone who can see the world the way you do. She was very professional and I have since referred my brother and a few friends of mine to see her.”

~Neeral Patel, Physician

I have always been intrigued about palmistry even though I do not run my life based on it. I had an opportunity to meet Radhika and the first thing I was impressed about was her professionalism and how she went about handling the palm reading during that session. She was very accurate about my past where she did mention a life changing tragic event that happened about 2.5 - 3 years ago. The event had taken place 3 years ago and she was spot on. During her session especially when she talks about the past, she likes to validate it to ensure what she sees is accurate or not. She has mentioned a few things on the personal front which are pretty accurate (especially related to my married life). She even recommended a gemstone which I got from her and it has started to yield a more positive attitude in life. I am beginning to see more mutual understanding and respect in my married life after I wore the gemstone she recommended. While it is still a long way to go, I am can definitely see the change in the way I conduct myself in our marriage (which is highly positive).

Radhika does not come across as business minded in her dealings with her customers. It is her genuine and heartfelt desire to ensure that clients who come to get their palms read get the best possible information and future direction is very evident through the interactions with her.

~ S Iyer, IT Professional

I met Radhika through one of my best friends last September. She had went to her for some guidance and shared her consultation with me. I found it to be very intriguing so I thought I would give it a shot. I was extremely nervous when meeting Radhika, but her calming nature quickly relaxed me. I found her consultation to be very genuine and accurate in regards to personalities and my own life experiences. Her expertise with numerology is astounding! She has inspired me to be more positive and her guidance has helped me with a couple very tough decisions over the past few months. If you are looking for genuine guidance on any direction you should take in the future, I highly recommend a consultation with Radhika!

~ Natalie, Healthcare Professional

Radhika has been a blessing for our family. Her consultation has guided us in a way of calm and peaceful being. She has been amazing with answering the questions that we have and has guided us through our consultation. She is an amazing person and her guidance has definitely changed our lives for the positive.

~ Shivani Patel, Dental Hygienist & Clinical Dental Instructor @ OSU

After having my son in 2010, I left my job as a Research Associate and became a full time mom. It was great but on the back of my mind, there was always the question of what after the little one is older? Would I want to go back to research and spend long hours in a lab. I always wanted to get my pharmacist licensure and that was always in the back of my mind, but thinking and doing were two different stories. Just thinking about studying everything from 15 years ago made me take a step back. That is when I feel that God intervened. I was talking my sister in law (Radhika Mehta) about probably just working part time at a department store and being home after that. She was persistent after reading my hand and was determined to make me see light. When she saw my lines, she knew of all the potential I had and foresaw a bright future that lay ahead of me. She told me not to throw all that I had learned and gained through my studies. She tirelessly challenged me to follow my heart and not shy away from the hard work which I had to embark upon in order to change my career. She understood that it takes guts to make a career change this late in life (from her own experience) but she encouraged me that it will all be for the better. With her guidance and constant assurance, I passed my examinations with flying colors. After attaining the license which I thought would be the hardest, I came to a halt with the search for the internship. It was a frustrating time to have nothing come up and I was very discouraged. Again she helped me regain my confidence and told me that my bad time was about to be over and by February of 2014 I would find my internship. I can emphasize enough on the unbelievable accuracy of her calculations. I was just applying as usual and finally got an interview call in a few weeks time. I needed that determined push to make me take the necessary steps that I needed to attain my license and I must say Radhika didi provided that in ample amounts. With her astute knowledge of numerology and palmistry, she not only convinced me to follow through on something that seemed to be hard to achieve but made sure that I would embark upon it as soon as possible. My life now is a much better scenario than what I initially had in my mind..

~ Tanvi Jani, Pharmacist 

I have known Radhika for a long time. I have been consulting with Radhika's mother on Numerology for quite some time now and I had implicit trust her mothers' prediction. When Radhika decided to start her own consulting practice, I was not very sure if she can match her mother's accuracy. Last couple of years

I have been consulting with Radhika and my doubts have disappeared. Radhika is a chip off the old block! She has a God-given talent and a very insightful mind to make accurate predictions using a wide variety of data inputs about an individual. I have used her advice when my husband needed some guidance in his career; I have used her advice to make better decision about my own job situation; I have asked her about my high-school going son'scollege admissions; I have also asked her about major decisions like re-locations, buying/selling a new home etc. She has been consistently spot-on in every case. She has helped me take charge of my life and face the adversity of life more confidently! I would

recommend her to my family and friends anytime.

~ Aparna Kalyani, Ultrasound Technologist

This is to let you know that as per your predictions in November 2012, that my husband would take up a new job around the end of February/early March, he accepted a new offer in the end of Feb and will be joining the new firm in early March. We are amazed at your accurate predictions & are grateful for all your Vaastu/ FengShui recommendations.

~ J Pillai, Housewife     

When I was introduced to palmistry many years ago, it was as a parlor game of sorts - someone's birthday party here in the U.S. It was entertaining. The science of Palmistry as it is studied by Radhika's family and in the Eastern Tradition is different. Not only does it give you insight into yourself and how you have been shaped by your life events, but it is also a road map of sorts to help you make better choices in FUTURE life events. In 2004 I was very gently told that in 2007 my life would be turned upside down - beyond anything I had experienced to date. She explained that I would be fine; everything would be as it should be and to just follow my heart in making decisions. I had forgotten about the reading until the end of 2007 happened and in the last few months of that year, I lost family, my mother and my marriage ended. Remembering this reading gave me the strength to pull my self up and keep going; that this was just one event in my life that would shape whatever destiny had in store for me and I knew I was going to be just fine. Everything I was told came about in time and gave me strength to adapt and grow into my current happiness and blessings. I am fortunate to have consulted with Radhika, her esteemed Grandfather and her Mother.

~ Carol Freeland, Water Aerobics Instructor & Entrepreneur of Global Clothing By Carol 

Amazingly Accurate! I have been having Radhika read my palm and look at my numbers for close to a year now and I still cannot get over how accurate and on point everything is. The first time I went I was excited yet somewhat skeptical until she started seeing things in my palm that she wouldn’t have known. I was amazed. She looked at my numbers and was able to tell me much about when I would have luck in money and love. Since then I won a large payout in the lottery and found a wonderful man that I’m very happy with. She has also helped me with my sense of peace and calm by using gems. I was able to purchase some beautiful stones sent over from India that she blessed and I do believe they help in many ways. The pearl almost never leaves my neck and I find that I’m a much calmer more peaceful person since I’ve been wearing it. I also find that in times of stress I reach for it and catch myself touching it. I will continue to visit Radhika for many years!!

~ Kim Wolford, Gas Scheduler/Forecast Analyst 

I first met with Radhikaa to help find direction with my career. She was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses during our initial session. Her guidance was extremely valuable in assisting me with this important decision. I have continued to meet with Radhikaa to discuss decisions that I am struggling to make and find her insights to be very accurate and encouraging. She starts the session with a palm reading and compares her current findings with my history. I would encourage anyone to meet with Radhikaa. Her science does not conflict with my religious beliefs as she uses real science to provide guidance and insight. I have learned a lot about myself through our sessions and have found her guidance to be very accurate and encouraging.

~Emily Preble, Department of Public Accounting

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